Microsoft Edge Shortcuts

Want the Edge when using Microsoft Edge? Check out our sweet shortcuts for using this browser.

Navigating pages

  1. Use the search bar

No need to click into the URL bar, simply press Ctrl + E and your cursor will automatically jump there and be ready to move pages.

  1.  Search for the text you’ve copied

Tapping Ctrl + Shift + L will instantly produce a Bing search of whatever text you have copied to your clipboard.

  1. Find that term

Ctrl + F will bring up a search bar which you can type any keyword or phrase into to highlight and navigate all occurrences of that term. Press Enter to move to the next one, and Shift + Enter to go back to the previous one.

  1. Zoom in and out

You may need to zoom in and out to read smaller fonts from time to time. Simply hit Ctrl + = to zoom in, and Ctrl + – to come back out again. To default you need to press Ctrl + 0.

  1. Time to go home?

No matter where you’ve ended up on the web, a simple tap of Alt + Home will get you right back to where you started from.

Navigating tabs

  1. Jump between tabs

Ctrl + tab will put you one place right, while not Ctrl + Shift + Tab will put you one place left.

  1. Duplicate a tab

Some things need a double view. Click Ctrl + K to open another copy of the same tab.

  1. See the side bar

The Edge sidebar, or Microsoft Hub stores all your favourites, reading lists, downloads, and history. To see all of this, use the following commands:

Ctrl + I – Favorites
Ctrl + M – Reading List
Ctrl + J – Downloads
Ctrl + H – History
Esc – closes sidebar

  1. Secret surfing
    Press Ctrl + Shift + P to browse in a private window.
  2. Close / reopen tabs

When you’re done with a tab, just tap Ctrl + W to close it down. If you then remember that you still need it, tap Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it straight back up.