7 of the best Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world thanks to its neat user-friendly interface, high power performance and easy mobile sync-up. But it gets better – with Chrome extensions you can personalise your experience for free – just head over to the store and check them out.

Here are seven of our favourite Google Chrome extensions…


If you love to shop til you drop, Honey is the Chrome extension for you. This sweet tool automatically sources and tests hundreds of coupon and discount codes from hundreds of online retailers to make sure you never have to pay full price again. Simply browse and shop as usual and then click ‘find savings’ when you checkout to apply any offers – saving you time and money!

Adblock Plus

When you’ve got lots of stuff to be getting on with, adverts can be time consuming, distracting, and quite frankly annoying! Adblock Pro magically removes (nearly) all of them, making ABP an ideal addition to your toolkit. There’s loads of settings to play around with so you can find what works best for you.

Google Dictionary
Double click on any word on the web and Google dictionary gives you its definition instantly. What’s more, it works as a translation tool for foreign languages too.

No need to spend time digging out that desktop calculator or your smartphone when you need a maths answer pronto, the calculator app is here for you now. This app is so useful, you’ll wonder how you lived without it so long!

Panic Button
Browsing Facebook at work and your boss walks in? Planning a surprise getaway for your wife and she suddenly appears in the room? We’ve all been there! With Panic Button you can quickly hide any activity and page views if someone walks in the room or a urgent or awkward situation comes up. A quick touch of the button restores everything back.

Ginger is a comprehensive spelling and grammar checker to make sure your writing is always well formed across all platforms including email and social media. It also helps you come up with creative alternatives to regular words and phrases to take your writing to the next level.

Sunrise Calendar
Sunrise calendar is not only very aesthetically pleasing, but it packs in a tonne of useful features way beyond the abilities of Google’s traditional desktop calendar. There’s a mobile app for iOS and Android too, so you can keep organised on the go.