Is Your Data Safe?

Disaster backup recovery

Would your computer be safe in the event of a disaster?

Unexpected disasters are one of those things we often hear about but think might never happen to us, and as such, the majority of us are not prepared for the possibility of things taking a turn for the worse.

Sadly, we recently had a call from one of our loyal business customers whose office was burned to the ground in a fire that spread from another business two units away. Fortunately, no individuals were harmed in the event.

Prior to the disaster, our customer had taken out an off-site data backup solution meaning that no files were lost, even though the computer hardware and technology had been burnt. This allowed them to continue running the business remotely within less than two days, so no further losses were made. Imagine if you lost all your business data and records, and had no way to get them back, could you afford to continue your business?

Many businesses do not have this kind of recovery system in place in case of the event of a disaster, which could strike any moment. By putting safety plans in place now, you are protected long into the future.

We offer a number of solutions which can protect your data, including off-site dual backup solutions, and cloud backup solutions. Prices available on request.

If you would like us to check your setup, please give us a call.