Full Computer Service

Why would I need a full computer service?

Over time computers will become slow as they fill up with unwanted programs and software taking up space and slowing it down. Cooling fans also become clogged with pet hair and dust which hinders the cooling process shortening the life of the processor (the computers brain). So having your computer regularly serviced can help maintain and increase performance which will also help extend the life of your computer.

At KelvedonIT we have tailored our full computer service to offer something which rectifies the majority of faults we come across on a weekly basis resulting in a faster, happier computer.  Similar to a service on a car where all of the core components are inspected and cleaned, we will provide the same level of service on your devices.

Please take a look at our check list for all the benefits of a full computer service.

Only £59

What’s covered in the full computer service?

  • Removal of Spyware & Viruses

  • Cleaning out of cooling fans to improve ventilation and avoid overheating

  • Disabling unwanted/unused programs to improve start up times

  • Ensuring your computer has a working anti-virus

  • Checking your computer has all the necessary updates and security patches

  • Optimising browser settings to increase performance

  • Running diagnostics on your computer and offering any approptiate upgrades

  • Removing unwanted/unused programs that slow down your computer and use up valuable space

  • Analysing your backup solution to prevent data loss

  • Cosmetically cleaning the exterior of your computer