Does your PC or laptop need a clean-up and maintenance before Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching many people are wondering whether it is safe to meet in the relaxed bubbles the Government has allowed (so far) for a festive five day period.

If you have decided to play safe and meet over Zoom or other video platforms, especially if you also use your equipment for work, it is a good idea to give it some TLC before the festivities begin.

Regular routine maintenance and cleaning will keep your hardware in top condition, from clearing out unwanted programmes to regular virus and malware scans.

There is no doubt many will be using their hardware to keep in touch with family for longer periods, perhaps playing games, sharing the Christmas mealtime or watching movies together.

Wired has a lot of useful tips for making the experience enjoyable and memorable here.

And we at Colchester IT wish you all a happy and enjoyable festive season and hopefully a less stressful 2021.