The costs of working from home

If you are self employed and work from home you will already know about the expenses that you can claim against your tax bill, but for those who have been asked to work remotely due to the Coronavirus lockdowns this is unknown territory.

It has been calculated that household bills could rise by at least 18% as a result of the extra energy, water and food consumed by working full time from home, albeit this has to be offset against savings made by not having to commute to work.

According to Wired research “Under current legislation, employees required to work from home can request a £6-a-week tax-free allowance from their firm. However, it’s at the employer’s discretion. And with many businesses struggling, it’s only the select few paying out.”

However, “it’s possible for employees to claim tax relief on the £6 from the HMRC – equivalent to £1.20 a week – if they’ve had to work from home since April.”

It is certainly something remote workers need to explore.