2021 business trends predicted

Among the many trends that have been predicted for 2021, there are several in particular that are IT-related.

According to abcmoney remote working may continue even after the pandemic restrictions are eased as part of efforts to help the environment.  Of course, this may also result in reduced business overheads on things like rental of office space and associated energy bills.

Another prediction is that thanks to more in-depth analysis tools to understand human behaviour future business marketing campaigns will be much more data driven. This has implications for data security as well so businesses need to ensure their information is stored carefully.

Next, businesses will rely increasingly on social media to attract new customers. This is likely to continue and increase in 2021, says abc.

“We may also see more companies turning to external agencies to take care of the marketing side of things, while CEOs focus more explicitly on re-building their business after the pandemic.”

Finally, the rolling out of Making Tax Digital will continue: “from April 2021, all VAT registered traders will have to use Making Tax Digital software to file VAT returns for VAT periods beginning on or after 1 April 2022. These businesses are also required to keep the VAT record in digital form.”