Is your job safe from AI?

Given the difficult economic climate businesses are looking for ways to save money and one area of concern is the replacement of humans by AI.

There are already reports that copywriters are being replaced by this method being used for writing press releases, social media posts and other content.

But there are drawbacks, as we have identified in previous posts, in that AI sources information from multiple sources and there is no way of knowing how up to date they are, plus they may bring copyright issues.

However, as some jobs are superceded by AI others are being created.

IKEA, since 2021, has retrained 8,500 staff who worked in its call centres as design advisers.

It is thought that the bulk of jobs likely to be replaced by AI will vary with 46% of tasks in administrative and 44% in legal professions could be automated, but only 6% in construction and 4% in maintenance.