Burn out and how to avoid it

The TUC has reported that more than 55% of workers are “facing more intense working days than ever, with less time for their private lives and an increased risk of burnout”.

In a poll carried out in England and Wales it found that three out of five people reported feeling exhausted at the end of the working day.

Among the causes it cites increased use of technology and a reduction in workers’ autonomy.

So how can people protect themselves?

The two keys are planning well and preparing well.

It helps if people start their working day with a plan and sticking to it. Identify the most important tasks and put them at the top of the list and don’t get distracted by incoming emals and responding sooner than you need to.

When you have to attend meetings or video calls it helps to know the subject matter in advance and to then stick to it. Researching ahead of time will help meetings stick to the agenda and run more smoothly.