How much do you rely on AI in your business?

…and do you think it has affected your creativity?

In a recent experiment from Wharton business school in Philadelphia that ChatGPT is more creative than human beings it was claimed that “ChatGPT is more creative than human beings”.

Students and AI were challenged to come up with ideas for new, cheap products.

The products were then surveyed online and it seemed those suggested by AI seemed to be more popular.

There were more of them nd they had been conceived more quickly.

But are volume and speed the only measures of creativity?

In a review in The Guardian the writer Stefan Stern none of the AI produced products “screamer” innovation.

Stern says: “The new technology is great: exciting, powerful, also full of potential. But I think we living things ought to remain in charge. On behalf of humanity, I would respectfully ask some of the more overexcited tech bros: prove you’re not the idiot.”

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