Innovative entrepreneurs and the need for investors

Achieving zero-carbon emissions is likely to provide opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs according to an interesting discussion in Wired.

It reports that many big corporations have pledged to reach net-zero emissions and this will be a challenge when “The global economy emits 38 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year” Not to mention other greenhouse gases.

Apart from those well-known entrepreneurs like Tesla’s Elon Musk who are paving the way by promoting more environmentally-sustainable products, the article also reports on one woman entrepreneur in Illinois whose company is developing ways to recycle carbon emissions into biofuels and agricultural feed.

Others are developing ways for consumers to offset their carbon emissions, and there are plenty of other ideas with potential, provided investors are willing to back them.

There has been a movement among investors to only put their money into ethical investment and this is only likely to grow as the pandemic recedes, lockdowns are lifted and a new “normal” emerges.