Want to improve your business performance in 2019?

Automating your business processes can save a huge amount of time and Wired magazine had some hints and tips for improving efficiency in 2019.

Are you a list maker?

If so there are plenty of services and applications to streamline the process. They are generally easy to edit and update and to sync with multiple devices so that you can consult your to-do list wherever you are.

Too many emails?

Emails can be a constant interruption but there are plenty of ways to manage your inbox better, for example by setting up filters and rules, which will alert you to those crucial ones you need to read and answer.

It is also good to make sure you unsubscribe to those emails sent from lists that you haven’t subscribed to or aren’t interested in.

Security concerns and a bad memory?

Security is a bog concern for most businesses as well as individuals but remembering passwords can be a chore.

You can use a password manager to store all your passwords in one place.

How much time do you waste on your mobile?

Many phones come pre-loaded with a lot more apps than you are ever really going to need and they can be a huge time-waster. A good tip is to limit both the number of notifications you get and the time you spend looking at such platforms as Instagram, Facebook etc.