Is your workplace green?

A new trend in making workplaces more attractive for hybrid workers is the introduction of lush gardens and indoor jungles.

According to Wired “In the past two years, tech firms have made significant investment in green spaces as the fight for talent intensifies”.

Google and Amazon are among the companies that have invested in green spaces.

According to Wired: “Far from a workplace fad, the demand for outdoor spaces is an essential part of the perks package as employees hunt for new jobs or negotiate their return-to-work arrangement.”

The move is not only a bid to attract workers back to the office.  It is also believed that the cost of living crisis and prospect of a recession are significantly adding to stress levels and the sterile and uninspiring environment of many offices with little natural light, monochrome ‘colour’ scheme, no views outside, and with terribly stale air is not helping.

However, concerns about the climate crisis are also playing their part and encouraging more businesses to think about ways to introduce greener spaces within their buildings.