How will AI affect your business?

There are clearly some benefits to introducing AI and automation into a business to automate some processes, not least because if can reduce staff overheads.

Once a business has spent the capital outlay to install new AI machinery, there will inevitably be some redundancies.

However, your business may want to retain some valuable, key staff and they will need retraining to be able to manage and maintain the new technology.

An article in the Guardian explores the issues of change, robotics and maintaining productivity and how businesses manage to stay ahead in the competitive race.

“In the past two decades, the number of industrial robots in use around the world has multiplied threefold to 2.25m, according to Oxford Economics.”

It suggests that it helps to make the process of change run more smoothly if all the business’ employees are fully engaged in it from the start.

A newly-announced Government scheme, to be piloted first in Liverpool, may be able to help those workers whose skills have become obsolete.

The National Retraining Scheme will be helping adults across the country to gain new skills and identify new careers.

An article by the BBC reports that according to Oxford Economics, people whose jobs become obsolete because of industrial robots and computer programs are likely to find that comparable roles in the services sector have also been squeezed by automation.

But it also points out that new skills and new roles will emerge, especially where people’s brain power is important to a business.