Use AI with care when recruiting staff

Recruiting the right staff can be a time-consuming and lengthy process, and increasingly HR has been turning to the use of AI to help speed up the process and make selection more accurate.

However, researchers at Cambridge University have sounded a note of caution, particularly when it comes to removing bias from the selection process.

They say that when using AI to analyse photos and videos “results were skewed by variables such as different lighting or saturation levels.”

A report published in Forbes magazine looks at this problem.

It acknowledges that people have concerns about allowing machines into the selection process and reports on the efforts of one recruitment platform, Pymetrics, to tackle the issue.

As well as problems of the accuracy of selection and elimination of bias it looks at the ethical implications of using AI in the selection process.

To quote Pymetrics CEO Frida Polli: “It’s incumbent around tech providers like ourselves to prove we’re equitable”.

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