Affordable PC monitors and changes to Google apps on android phones

The Guardian’s tech page Ask Jack is often a useful source of information on computer hardware for consumers.

Many small businesses need to use desktop PCs and screens rather than laptops and “Jack” was recently asked to advise on the best PC monitors for under £200.

Of course, it depends on what your business is as to how high specification you need the screen to be but the article is a good guide to the various things you will need to consider.  You can read it here.

About 80% of the mobile phones used across the planet are Androids and those who use them will know that they mostly have come pre-loaded with Google apps and the Google Chrome search engine.

All that may be about to change, however.

Google has announced a new licensing system for smartphone manufacturers of Android phones.

This is all because Google had a virtual monopoly on Android, and the EU didn’t like it. So earlier this year the European Commission fined the company $5 billion under its anti-trust legislation.

While that means Android users will now be able to choose such things as their search engine, it also means Android manufacturers may choose to install other, more secure search engines.

Google, therefore, may become less dominant in this area.