Time for a tech spring clean?

Time for a tech spring clean?

How often do you clear out old downloads, refresh your passwords and delete saved stuff you no longer look at or need?

As more and more people are remote working due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they are relying on their home technology for both entertainment and work purposes.

Here are some things you could do to improve your PC or laptop’s performance and clear out the clutter.

Turn off your notifications.  Go to notification settings, and search for the apps you actually want to hear from. A good rule of thumb is, only give notification access to apps that will send you real messages from real people.

Old photos: photos take up a lot of storage space and you may rarely use or look at them. How many screen shots and selfies do you have and how often do you need them? Delete them.

Improve your security:  There has been a noticeable rise in phishing and scam attempts since the lockdown so it is a good move to switch to two-step authentication of logins and passwords if you don’t use it already, especially if you need to stay secure for work purposes.

Downloads: they may have been useful at the time but if they are no longer relevant you should delete them.

How much unwanted email are you getting? Trawl through your deleted emails and click on unsubscribe on those you no longer want to receive.

While you are at it, it’s worth checking your Facebook, Google and other settings and limiting the amount of data you allow them to track and store.