Demand surges for IT professionals

More than 1 million vacancies for IT professionals have been posted during just one week in July, according to the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

It suggests that the various lockdown measures introduced during the Coronavirus pandemic may have contributed to the surge as more offices closed and employees were asked to work remotely.

In addition, some businesses in the hospitality industry pivoted their business models to offer ready meals when they could no longer offer in-premises dining and this has driven an increase in the use of technology for ordering and paying for meals.

There has been a growth in businesses switching to e-commerce too.

It has also been the case that businesses have sought to minimise their costs going forward by reducing their staffing overheads by introducing automated systems for various office processes.

But as technology becomes ever more central to business operations many companies have also realised that they need well-trained IT expertise to protect and maintain their systems.

According to the REC, in the week of 6-12 July, there were 106,000 new job adverts posted – 14,000 more postings than the week of 22-28 June.

So, if your business is in IT and you can offer website design, IT support, app development or any other IT-based services, or you are able to offer online marketing support now is a good time to promote your business’ services.